Didn’t this used to be the Lucro Marketplace? Why the name change?

Valify acquired Lucro in September, and beginning in January 2019, Lucro will offer new features as we rebrand to The Valify Marketplace.

The Valify Marketplace will be the primary destination for healthcare organizations to find the best balance of quality, service, and cost among tens of thousands of vendors.

What new features are being added to the Valify Marketplace?

If you’re a current user, here’s what you can expect:

  • New (and more) hospital projects: Valify introduces new health systems and their projects into our marketplace, representing over $80B in annual spend.
  • New visibility for your solutions: we will offer a public-facing view of the catalog where providers do not have to sign in to find your solutions. We’ll still keep proprietary content private though.
  • New premium options to promote your solutions: we will now offer three options for how your product information is displayed within the marketplace. Compare those options here.

Will I still be able to find open projects and send my solutions to buyers?

Absolutely - all vendors are still able to browse active projects & submit their solutions for consideration.


I just logged in for the first time - what should I do first?

Fill out your solution card! Click the My Solutions tab and describe your products and services.


I didn't receive my confirmation email. What can I do?

Check your Spam folder first. If you still don't see it, contact support@valifymarketplace.com. We want to make sure you're receiving our emails.


What's a solution card?

Think of a solution card like your company and product/service profiles to connect with buyers - it’s a consolidated description of your offerings. Healthcare users can search for, view, and add your solution cards to their projects.


Why are there already some solution cards here?

When you sign up for the first time, we create your first solution card based off your company’s website. You can edit this! Make it your own and send it to relevant projects.

Healthcare users can also generate solution cards for you. When healthcare users researching your company want to consider your solutions, they can add solution cards into the Valify Marketplace for you by copying one of the URLs from your website.

Healthcare users can’t edit any of your info - we just pull in info you’ve already put out on your website. You can and should update all of your solution cards to help healthcare users understand who you are and what you do!


Can I send my solution info in the Valify Marketplace to interested buyers or healthcare orgs?

Yes, you can! Click the New Projects tab from your homepage to see a full list of active projects you can submit to. Select the one that is relevant for your solution and submit directly from there.


I used to have a lot more info on this solution card - where did it go?

Videos, images, featured content uploads, and fuller text descriptions of your services are no longer part of the free experience. You can still submit your solution to a health system’s project for consideration, but in order to include all that juicy marketing content, you’ll have to upgrade to our Professional plan.

If you’re a returning user, all that content you uploaded is still there - it’s just not visible to buyers until you upgrade. We know this stinks - but you still get to send your info to as many projects as you want for free.


I can't see who the healthcare organization is asking me questions. Why don't some opportunities have the provider’s name displayed?

The healthcare organization gets to choose whether they reveal who they are or not. Our healthcare organizations have been validated by our team before they connect with you.


What does my solution card look like to buyers?

You see what buyers see - any info you add to your solution card, buyers will get to view. But only you and others in your company can edit your solution cards, and other vendors on the platform can’t view your information. We take your privacy and security seriously. Read more about the security precautions we take on your behalf here.


Should I create solution cards for every product I have or one card for my whole company?

That's up to you, but we recommend having a different solution card for each product and any bundle you offer. Then submit the one that best fits the needs outlined in the project.


How do I delete a solution card?

Contact support@valifymarketplace.com to request a deletion.


My solution card got added to a project - what does that mean?

When you get added to a project, this means that a healthcare user wants to consider your solution! They’re interested in learning more about you, so they can decide whether or not to buy your solution. As your solution is evaluated, you can receive questions from the project owners through the platform. Timelines vary depending on the organization and project.


How do I know if my solution is being considered for a project?

Click on the My Opportunities tab from your homepage to see if your solution has been added to any projects. Each opportunity will give you details on the project’s current status, the progress you’ve made so far, and what to expect next.


Can I communicate with healthcare users working on projects to tell them more about how awesome I am?

Yes you can! When healthcare users need to gather more info, you’ll get a request for information from them - find these in the Outstanding Requests tab from your homepage. Respond quickly so healthcare users have the right info to help determine if your company is a good fit for their project.


Who at my company can help me manage my vendor solution cards and opportunities in the Valify Marketplace?

Anyone in your company (with your email domain) can access the Valify Marketplace and make changes. The free subscription level allows for one user. If you want more of your team to help you win business through the Valify Marketplace, click here to upgrade your subscription level.


How do you make money?

The Valify Marketplace provides an annual upgraded subscription service plan to Vendors. Vendors who subscribe to one of the upgraded plans receive additional features. Those features and pricing for the upgraded plans are available here.