Didn’t this used to be Lucro? Why the name change?

Valify acquired Lucro in September, and as of April 2019, Lucro relaunched and rebranded to The Valify Marketplace, along with new features and functionality.

The Valify Marketplace is the primary destination for healthcare organizations to find the best balance of quality, service, and cost among hundreds of thousands of vendors.


What new features are being added to the Valify Marketplace?

If you were a Lucro user prior to the launch of Valify Marketplace, here’s what you can expect:

  • Same experience: we remain committed to providing the best tool to organize, manage, and accelerate vendor sourcing. All of your former account credentials remain the same.
  • More vendors: we now have hundreds of thousands of vendors across all thousands of categories contracted by a hospital, including facility support, IT, and HR services.
  • New categories and search filters: narrow your results to quickly find the right vendor for your project, whether by category, geography, diversity, and more.


I’m an existing customer on the Valify expense management platform. How would the Valify Marketplace benefit my process?

Current Valify customers can find increased efficiencies for their sourcing process through the Valify Marketplace. We suggest using the Valify Marketplace to quickly and easily eliminate vendors before taking them through the full RFP process.


I’m an existing customer of the Valify expense management platform. Do I need a separate account to access projects on the Valify Marketplace?

Yes, at this time, two separate accounts are required for Valify expense management users to access the Valify Marketplace.


Can anyone search the Valify Marketplace for vendors?

Of course - if you need to find healthcare vendors in a specific category, we’re the place for you. The Valify Marketplace is a free resource for the public to search the most comprehensive database of vendors who serve healthcare organizations.


What’s the benefit in signing up?

See a comprehensive listing of vendors by category, geographic area, and diversity status. Create your free account for access to more detailed information on each vendor and their solutions, add them to a project, and easily contact them (anonymously if you choose) with questions specific to your unique needs. For now, only employees at healthcare provider organizations can sign up to create projects.


Does it cost anything to sign up?

The Valify Marketplace is free to use for any healthcare provider! Click here to sign up.


Is my information private and secure?

Absolutely. We take privacy and security very seriously. Your projects will never be seen by other healthcare organizations. Read more about our security policy, terms and conditions, and privacy policy.


What is a Valify Marketplace “project”?

A project in the Valify Marketplace is a digital RFI, where providers list services they are considering and request information from potential vendors. Vendors describe their services by adding information to solution pages within the marketplace and answer any specific questions from providers within the platform. Get started creating a project here.


When should I create a project?

Here are examples of how providers are using the Valify Marketplace:

  • Selecting a vendor for a pilot project
  • Standardizing multiple vendors across the health system
  • Evaluating alternate vendors for a current renewal
  • Discovering which vendors can solve a problem my organization is prioritizing
  • Shortlisting vendors to determine who best meets my needs
  • Organizing vendor diligence across multiple stakeholders



Can I control who sees my project?

Yes! Other members within your organization can see basic information about your project upon logging into the Marketplace, but other organizations will not have access to view your project in any way.

In other words, no other healthcare organization can see your projects.


Can I add other stakeholders to my project?

Yes! You can add “Contributors” directly to your project. After signing up, they are automatically added to the project and can add requirements, compare solutions, discuss products with others on the project, and score solutions.

Please note: invites are sent from info@valifymarketplace.com. If a colleague doesn’t receive the link, it may be in their junk folder.


There’s a specific vendor that I know I want to consider, but I can’t find them in the Valify Marketplace. Can I compare them in my decision?

No problem! You can add their URL in the search box, and our technology will automatically create a solution profile for them that you can then save to your project.


I already have my questions for my project. How can I get that info on my project in the Valify Marketplace?

The hard work is already done! You can still easily translate your existing template into questions on the Ask Vendors tab. Many customers simply copy & paste sections of their original document into the Valify Marketplace.

You can create, paste, or edit these questions before, after, or during your vendor search. Vendors saved to your project will automatically be sent the questions you’ve added or changed.